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DDCS Demo Content Management System.

Welcome to the DDCS Demo Content Management System.

This website has been designed to provide businesses with the ability to create and edit standard information pages on their website themselves, but also add custom data upload, filtering and reporting capabilities - all within the same website.

Please see the new TenpinResults website we have developed as an example of how this can be accomplished.

This integration of CMS and data reporting capabilities cannot be done with any standard 'off the shelf' CMS solution like Wordpress.

Permissions can also be set to who is able to read and/or edit each page, whether these are info pages or data pages, this can be easily maintained through assigning roles to each registered user.   It is also possible to restrict the data shown on the data pages to what is relevant to each user - personalised reporting.

Friendly URLs have also been set up, so the pages are optimised for SEO and user friendliness.

Once data filtering/reporting pages have been set up, including graphs/charts etc if required, data updates can be done by ODBC data connection from the company database/system, so the website is automatically updated without needing to manually update/refresh any web pages.

The website 'look and feel' can also be customised to comany requirements, adjusting colours, fonts, images and layout as required.   This includes using different page layouts and menu display when mobile devices are detected, making the website more user-friendly for use on tablets and mobile phones.



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